Christina's Story

Christina Kuo, Wayne, PA
At the end of February, 2012, I fell and hurt my back.  The fall was quite bad, and immediatly started to have pains around my entire middle and lower back, and shooting pain down both legs. The pain that I was having was 24/7.  No real relief ever. I was in pain walking, lying down, lying sideways, sitting, lounging, doing extensions ...etc.  Anything that I loved and enjoyed had become impossible tasks for me.  I was totally beside myself. I visited the Penn Spine Center for a checkup and evaluation. Extensive study showed that I had severely injured my tailbone and the surrounding area.  My Dr. at the Spine Center recommended pain killers, acupuncture, physical Therapy and Myofascial Release treatments instead of injections, and surgery.

I did not take the pain killers as I was afraid that I would get addicted to them, or would have to rely on them and I have a very sensitive GI system and did not want to open up a whole new set of problems.  In the middle of March, 2012- I started all three types of therapies. I did what my Doctor recommended and started all three treatments - with only minimal improvements.   My Physical Therapist suggested exercised that would only give me more pain. Even though I was not sure what to do-  I continued with my sessions of Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Myofascial  Release.  My Myofascial Release Practitioner (Natalie Innella at A Touch of Heaven, Massage Therapy and Pain Relief Center) told me several times before that Myofascial Release and Physical Therapy fight one another and doing all three therapies was what she thought to be a total waste of money.  She explained to me why, how and what she thought would be the most practical way to go. She left the decision up to me-  to continue all three therapies, or drop either Myofascial Release  or Physical Therapy.  After another appointment at the Pain Center, My Doctor also recommended that i stop one of the Therapies and told me the same thing that My Massage Therapist (LMT)  and Myofascial Release Therapist (MFRP) had told me.  I decided to stop the Physical Therapy and just concentrate on the MFR and a few acupuncture sessions.  By this time, I am beginning to think that I was going to have to live with this pain and get used to it for a good part of my life.  I scheduled 2MFR sessions a week starting the last week in April as well as 2 acupuncture sessions a few weeks apart. Three weeks later, after the Myofascial Release Treatments and a few acupuncture treatments, I am feeling somewhat better and scheduled a series of MFR treatments.  After the next two MFR sessions, my pain has gone down by over 50%.  I am now pretty much concentrating on the MFR treatments and a nice one hour massage every couple of weeks.  You cant imagine how happy I am at this point because I am now getting my life back together.  I am able to swim a few laps (the first time in months since I fell)  I have had day's without pain and feel normal.  Natalie tell's me that over a little more time - I should be totally pain free.  I know that I still have  to take it easy but taking the small walks and hikes, and walking my dogs is no longer a chore.  I feel GOOD! I will continue with my MFR treatments thru the end of July.  I have the full support of my Spine Doctor at Penn Spine Center and he is so very pleased with my progress and me that he wished all his patients would have the patience to fully explore the benefits of MFR and massage therapy. I am loving the non invasive, natural and relaxing treatments that I am receiving at A Touch of Heaven.  My Doctor at the Spine Center says that he feels that my results will be permanent in the long run.  I have avoided injections, medications and surgeries.

I look forward now to my last MFR treatments at A Touch of Heaven and can't wait for my last consult so that i can see how much improvement has been made.