A Touch of Heaven focuses exclusively on providing the highest quality, hands-on, therapeutic alternatives for pain, injury and stress relief.

As a dedicated professional, my goal is to provide healthy therapeutic massage and bodywork. For over ten years I have helped so many people like yourself get relief from pain and discomfort, with extraordinary results. My approach is personal and customized, to allow you to achieve your specific goals for pain management and stress relief.

The bottom line is a guarantee that you will feel better after your session. Experience the exclusive application of techniques, and discover how clients — just like you — have used my therapy as a successful alternative to other forms of treatment.

A Touch of Heaven is owned and operated by Natalie Innella, Licensed Massage Therapist and member in good standing of The Association of Bodyworkers and Massage Practitioners (ABMP).

Our Most Popular Services


Swedish massage is known for increasing circulation, relieving muscle pain and tension,and reducing stress.  This style of massage is highly recommended for those receiving their first massage.


therapeutic massage

Our most popular service, Therapeutic massage is a cross between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage,slower, longer strokes – medium to deeper pressure  enhance a deeper relaxation of the muscles.



Deep Tissue Massage uses slow, deep muscle compression and friction along the grain of the muscle. Its purpose is to release the fibers of the muscles that have bound together and release both toxins and deeply held patterns of tension.


What Our Clients are Saying